Daily Archives: February 27, 2011

Becoming Financially or Federally Secure!

At sometime in my ramblings, whether it was here or in a note on Face Book, I mentioned one habits of the extremely wealthy. And that is, if they see a penny lying on the ground, they never pass it by as worthless change. That they see the value in it and knows that 100 of these things make a dollar, and invested correctly and wisely a person can get a penny to make money for them. Just ignoring it as 1/100 of a dollar does not occur to them. However to many of us 1/100 of a dollar is just TOO small an amount of money to waste the time on stopping, bending over and picking it up. We have more important Stuff to do and must hurry to wherever it is we are going , in order to make, spend or save 100/100 of a dollar.

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