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Psychics – Your Past, Present or the Futures Market

I just read an article in the March 25, 2011 Hawaii Reporter that Psychic Sylvia Brown Suffered a heart attack after one of her public appearances in Hawaii and was hospitalized. The article, after giving the details, stated that updates on her condition were available via her websites.

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IDEAS! Do They Create Money or Moans?

Have you ever experienced a sudden brain eruption, a light bulb above the head illumination, an all enlightening, all empowering,  a random unexpected zap of thought that just overpowers you? That overpowering explosion is the moment in which you have given birth to an IDEA!

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I Could Be Wrong!

Am I right? Or are you right?  Is what I think, do, say, believe, portray, exhibit, profess, explain, preach, feel, hear, smell, taste, touch, imagine, confer, write, imply, share, transmit, submit,  and all the other things I do that cause others to form opinions as to my validity as a human …. the right, correct, absolute true representation of what is really real?

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Random Thoughts of an Idle Mind


Can cows be Heard?

What happens when a pig gets a sty in its eye?

If a football is called a pigskin what is a pig’s skin called?

Does anyone really want a home where the buffalo roam?

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Money, Percentages, Perceptions and Trees

For what it’s worth , what is your idea of a lot of money?

Casino’s try to reduce the sense of loss or gain by using chips and terms like credit.

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Music – It Speaks to the Very Core of Your Being – Aug 2009 – Feb 2011

So you ask,  what ya been doing for fun the last year or so? Been to any good concerts?

Well thanks for asking!  Just so happened I have.

The following links to You Tube are videos of  some of the the concerts Bonnie and I attended from August 2009 to Feb 2011.

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When I was younger, much younger, much much younger I had three good friends. We did a long of great things together. Some of which, due to my uncertainty regarding the statute of limitations, I will not publish. We were split up, by choice or by fate during our high school years. One was a Senior in High School, one was a Junior, I was a sophomore, and the other was a Freshman. As we each graduated, we went about our ways.  Bob (I call him Bob because that’s his name) joined the Navy. He became a FBM Submarine Sailor. I, two years behind him and feeling the pressure of the possibility of being drafted to fight in Vietnam spent my Junior and Senior year thinking about how I was not going to fight in that so called war.

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