Today’s topic is  TBD (TO BE DETERMINED). I have a lot of things on my mind that are, in some ways trivial, yet when added together may add up to a common denominator, (or is that numerator never seem to be able to remember who’s on top). So stand by for anything. This will be a rambling dump of stuff, and there is absolutely no guarantee that it will make any sense.

In the past couple of weeks I have been bombarded by news stories of Charlie Sheen; investment companies; (can’t come up with at word for this so I will use) business practices or lack thereof; deception; honesty; customer service, and human interaction/reaction.

I use the word bombarded, because I allow myself to listen and pay attention and to be critical of these things, and I usually end up finding a common bond.  And now we will see if what is yet to be written, will do the same. Is there a common bond in all this?  We will see.

The items I mentioned above have, as it seems now, have multiple things in common. And whether they are right or wrong, you can decided on your own. And perhaps, I may give you my definitive and decisions, or perhaps my conclusion may be left as undecided.

Charlie Sheen.  Charlie Sheen, like Lindsey Loehand, Mel Gibbson, to name a few, are having their personal life drug through the media.

The media, one of our societies first line of  “Breaking News” and “This Just In”, using the original, and now questionable purpose of “the public has a right to know” is our source for all that happens in the world. Or is it more like “all that happens in the world that will get the people to watch” or  “the public has the right to know the things that will turn us a profit”?

Years ago, it was said that one should only believe 10% of you read in the newspapers. Today, I have come to believe that of that 10% that is suggested to believe, as reported by the media, that one should question 100% of it.

Is what is reported based on fact? Is what you hear and or read in the media nothing more than out of context sensationalized quotes for the sole purpose of  ratings and sales to keep the reporting agency in business.

The answer is ….. Stay tuned for important information that my save you a fortune at 11:00

Ratings are based on a poll of people and the determination of how many people watched or read what when. I won’t go into that again, but if you are curious about polls see the my post titled :  “American’s Have Been Quoted as Having Spoken”.

The point is, we as a society tend to jump to conclusion, formulate opinions, take things as facts, and effect the outcome of someone’s life and career armed with a handful of out of context bits of information equivalent in size to a few mustard seeds. And to add insult to injury, I will say without fear of being proven wrong, that the majority of people do not, will not and are not interested enough to do any minor or major research into the subject matter of the reports, to verify the information being reported as true; or  investigate the reported information for any further definitive information, or as PAUL HARVEY would say, to get, THE REST OF THE STORY!

Having developed a habit of believing  just about anything we hear or read in the media, we end up developing an unrealistic trust in the media. And we project that  trust to anything and everything we read and hear. And those who are producing, broadcasting, reporting,  and SELLING us this stuff, beyond a shadow of doubt, are absolutely, 1000%, totally, fully, and completely aware of this.

The use of Advertisement Psychology (   is used to produce and capture our attention, to appeal to our emotions, to make us remember a product name, and to get us to purchase their product.  “BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE!”

Not only that, but through scientific research of advertisement, they even know just how long they can continually run and add before it will start to piss us off and reject the product they are advertising, and they will pull if from the adds just prior to the point of consumer rejection.

For me the woman who got the good buys at the store and is running to the car at screaming to her husband “START THE CAR!!!!  START THE CAR!!!”  is one miscalculation of the aforementioned, because they let it run a bit too long.  The problem with that commercial is  the purpose of any commercial is to get the consumer to remember the product. All I recall is the woman’s irritating screams to start he car and I have no idea what store was the point of the advertisement.  What  I do know is that, should I see a woman running through a parking lot with bags of items she purchased, I want to run over and smack her upside the head before she starts screaming “Start The Car”!

The present practice of selling consumers anywhere from a valuable product to a useless piece of shit continues.  Who do you trust? What is real? What is not? Who’s out to soak us for our hard-earned money?  And who provides a product worth the investment?

It seems, due to the amount of things broadcast and advertised in all forms media these days, there is an over abundance of suckers out there that will believe anything and everything they hear, without question.  And will pay the price to obtain Deal of the Day! (Note: I am not immune to the title of sucker!)

Don’t believe that?  But Wait! If you read on, I will tell you more at no extra cost. That’s right, more information for the one low price of what you paid to read all I wrote so far.  That’s two halves of this story at no extra cost. BUT YOU MUST READ THIS IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES.  I HAVE TEXT STANDING BY FOR YOUR READING. ACT NOW!

To what extent is truth in advertisements, truth in reporting news, and overall truth in any media reports to the public governed?  The Product Producing Company,  Advertisement Psychologists, and the Advertisement Company’s (MAD MEN?) pull in another player. LAWYERS!

The purpose of the Legal profession in this is to determine just how far these entities can go without getting sued for untruths.  What can be said without be held liable. What can be omitted without being liable. How far can the truth be stretched. What words, sentences, phrases, promises, etc can be used without being sued.

On method of protection against suit is called a Disclaimer. Sometimes known and the “fine print”!  And believe it or not, there was a law passed a few years back by the FTC, that limits the “font size” of the small print so it is not small. But they didn’t regulate the size of the Larger Print, thus the bigger the large print the minimum size of the small print is “STILL SMALL!”

And for TV Commercial’s you will see the fine print or disclaimer at the bottom of the screen regarding some adds. And if you are not recording the program, or don’t  have a Television that can Freeze the Screen, you will notice the disclaimer just soon enough to realize something was on the bottom of the screen and have no time to be able to read it.  My favorite one is for weight loss programs.  “Ms/Mr SO ANN SOW lost 100 lbs in 3 months on our weight loss program.”

During this commercial, using photographic know tactics that causes your eye to be attracted to a certain area of a picture, you are attracted to the middle and right center of the screen.  On the bottom left of the screen are the words, blended into to the background which does not attract you eye, are words that state that the results seen here are “not the normal outcome” of the program. And below that are the words related to the disclaimer, which are no there long enough to read .

And not last and not least, the almighty 1-800 customer service, or as I call it the Circle Jerk Illusion of Product Support. Let’s take for instance an industry, such as a Mortgage Company, a Law Office, a Medical Organization, a financial investment company, or  Technical Product Company.  Companies that provide a product or service that are created by top-notch,  highly educated, and highly experienced people who are handsomely paid and are way up on the food chain of a their organization.

Do any of these people who are really “IN THE KNOW” about their product, spend any time answering the SUPPORT LINE of the company? In fact, is there anyone in the help and/or support department of the organization that has a real knowledge of the product or service that the company provides.  I challenge any company to respond to and prove my answer to this question or disprove it ….. AND MY ANSWER IS —- (Drum Roll Please!) — NO!

(For the record, I worked as a Temp in Computer Support for 3 month for Fannie Mae. I was at that time a very very knowledgeable in all aspects of the Computers, Software, Networks, etc.  I cannot say the same for the people I worked with. My Phone Manners Sucked. The people I worked with had great phone skills, but couldn’t spell computer.)

Qualifications for Support line is that you have a minute bit of knowledge of the industry you work for, a good phone talking personality, and the ability to READ preset answers and remedies to a customers problems. And to be able to, with charm, pass the buck!

Additionally, the odds that you will ever get the same person you spoke to last on the phone, should you need to call the second time, is slim to non.  Remember you have the right to speak to their supervisor. However, the last time I asked to speak to a customer service reps supervisor (and for confidentially purposes I will not mention Comcast as the company I am referring to) the Customer Service Rep stated to me, and I quote “Why would you want to do that?  He doesn’t know anymore than I do.”

So, in closing, where did this Blog Post end up….

You have the right to believe anything you want. You have the right act upon information in any manner that you chose. You have the right to spend your money as you see fit. You have the right to complain about anything you want. AND you have the right to remain silent!

But You and only YOU are responsible for your decisions and actions.


2 responses to “MEDIUM AT LARGE

  1. Thanks, I think. New term for me here … gonzo-esq. Did consulted the almighty, all knowing master of the internet, The Honorable GOOGLE, and found my writing style must be like one or more of the following:

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    2. Carl Lazlo (Gonzoesq) is on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to follow Carl Lazlo (Gonzoesq) and get their latest updates.

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    5. Dr. Gonzo, Esq. attorney legal advisor senior pettifogger (read less). For those who are currently students of SEAMOK or even just interested.

    6. Dr. Gonzo, Dr. Thompson, Mr. Tennenbaum, Esq. | Flickr – Photo …

    So I’m satisfied enough with the Almighty Google answers, that I will not bother checking out the remaining 717,000 matches!


  2. Your writing style is very gonzo-esq. Your right about the amount of b.s. in the media. People seem way to easily influenced by what they see on tv and the internet. I see it a lot in the fitness industry. “Tone your core by balancing on this bosu ball while preforming ridiculous exercises, its ok because its functional”. Truth is most people have no idea what muscles make up “the core”. Also the only way balancing on half a swiss ball would be considered “functional” is if the earths crust was made of jello. Do your homework people…

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