Music – It Speaks to the Very Core of Your Being – Aug 2009 – Feb 2011

So you ask,  what ya been doing for fun the last year or so? Been to any good concerts?

Well thanks for asking!  Just so happened I have.

The following links to You Tube are videos of  some of the the concerts Bonnie and I attended from August 2009 to Feb 2011.

With the exception of the video of the Sting Concert, we were in the audience of each of these concerts. Sting did a concert 2 days after the one we attended in Bristow and it was exactly like this.

And I guarantee I was a the Bacon Brothers Concert, because I took those videos.

The American Idol Concert. Awesome Concert. The Jiffy Lube Pavilion is an outdoor type theater and it must have been 900 degrees and a 1000% humidity. The show started and after the first song the show halted and restarted. The singers microphone was not on. The following video is of the final song of the concert.

American Idol
Bristow, Va

Rain – what can I say. I expected to see some group that would preform a lot of old Beatles Songs, and if they were good, I expected to enjoy the music. I watched a few videos on You Tube before the concert, including some interviews with the members of Rain, who stated that their intention was to honor the Beatles and really believed what they did was a tribute to the Beatles. And I said to myself in a doubting manner – “We’ll See!”

Well I did see and these guys lived up to what they said, and they were….. no words to describe them, but perhaps that fact they are now doing their show on Broadway may tell you something.

Rain Tribute to the Beatles
Wolf Trap
June 2010


Sting – Only two words to describe this event – CLASS ACT!

Sting 7/13/2010 NYC
2 days after concert in Bristow, VA

Maroon 5 – Great Concert, with one exception. The Lead Singer and most popular member of the group only performed the second half of the concert. Concert was great, but thought it was a bit strange he only performed half of the concert.

Maroon 5 – August 13, 2010
Bristow, Va

Crosby, Stills and Nash… They still got it. Three days before this concert we were in New York State and visited the site of Woodstock.  Upon returning home, I downloaded some video and rented some movies about Woodstock. On the afternoon of the concert I decided to check out Wolf Trap events in the likely event that perhaps CSN would be preforming there at some time. What I found was that they were preforming that night. And it was sold out. But that doesn’t always mean what it said. So I kept trying to buy tickets and after about 5 or six tries I scored and ended up with 2 box seat tickets and about an hour to get ready and make it to the concert.

The other thing I didn’t know at the time, but the night of the concert was also the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and also David Crosby’s Birthday.

Just one of those times when the events of a week, the events of History and the a portion of my life in 1969 and 2009 strangely all came together.

Crosby Stills and Nash
August 2009


Only two things to say about this concert. One, they still got it. And two the needed to fire the sound man because you couldn’t hear them sing because they music drowned them out.

Earth Wind and Fire
June 2010
Wolf Trap


America’s Got Talent – Great Show. However, if you EVER go to Constitution Hall, DO NOT get seats on the main floor. They are close together and you will have a hard time seeing the stage. We’d been more comfortable and seen more in the nosebleed section than where we were.

America’s Got Talent
Constitution Hall Nov 2010


I have left out two concerts. One was ABBA. Billed as awesome. Review of it on  You Tube and other film clips I managed to see verified that. However, this was their last concert after a years tour and then they were off to vacation land. I have no idea if this had anything to do with it but to put it bluntly – IT SUCKED!

The other one I left off was the 1964 Tribute. It’s another Beatles group that performed at the Birchmere. They were okay, and had I not seen the RAIN concert I would have thought they were great.

And not for my grand finale, the following was also at the Birchmere on Feb 19, 2011. And the videos here were taken by me. I’m no Spielberg, but they came out okay.. I think.

Bacon Brothers
Feb 19, 2010


Bacon Brothers

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it.

Music is the way we express ourselves when we have an emotion and no idea what to say. (A paraphrased quote by someone whose name I can not remember.)

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