I Could Be Wrong!

Am I right? Or are you right?  Is what I think, do, say, believe, portray, exhibit, profess, explain, preach, feel, hear, smell, taste, touch, imagine, confer, write, imply, share, transmit, submit,  and all the other things I do that cause others to form opinions as to my validity as a human …. the right, correct, absolute true representation of what is really real?

Yup? For me it is. And it is the absolute truth, for me and me only for that one and only one undefinable instant of time in which I communicate it to others and to myself.

And, it is most likely that some things that make up the total me may never change. And, it is most likely that some the things that make up me at that precise moment can be disproved in an instant, and it is most likely that some things that make up me will change if challenged, and it is most likely that silence, unacceptance, disapproval, denial, judgement, prejudice, unexpressed opinions and over powering ego’s will do nothing to prevent me from the possibility of reconsideration and the potential of a choice of a constructive change to what I, at that one moment, thought was right.

I am right in the moment. However, history, my history has shown that a moment in time is just that. A MOMENT IN TIME.  And my rightness in the moment, left unchallenged, unquestioned, unconfronted, and undiscussed by those who do not possess  the open-mindedness, courage, or the intestinal fortitude to challenge me leaves me no alternative other than to maintain my believe in my righteousness.

And why does this phenomenon  of allowing me to think I am always right exist? Why is it that those who are  knowledgeable and have all the same human traits that I do, cower at the idea of the challenge?

Because they are a closed minded, fearful, bunch of egotistical, wimpy dip shits, that fear that they could be wrong. They believe, not only that they are RIGHT, as I do in the moment, but believe they are Right – always. Unbendable, unwavering, steadfast, grounded in their belief and that the only right is their right.

Why is that? Because, it is their identity. Should there ever come a time that they could be proven wrong, they would lose themselves. They would lose their foundation of who they are in life. They would be reduced to essentially nothing. And this fear of failure, lose of self scares the hell out of them.  The simple idea of being wrong, of having to admit an error, to confess that they screwed up is so overwhelming that they can not let go of it.

And that is a prison I will not allow to confine me.

I am open to criticism, I am open to discussion, I am open to dialog, I am open to opinion, and I am open to exploration of thoughts and beliefs. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will cause a change in me, nor does it mean I can cause a change in you.

What it does mean  is that  open and honest communication can potentially begin change with an exchange of ideas, beliefs and thoughts. MOST IMPORTANTLY  it can create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in which we don’t have to be right, where we aren’t necessarily wrong, where we can change, or where we can make a decision not to change. And in the end we create an environment of respect, where each of us is an unconditionally accepted active member of the human race.

For you or me to deny or even entertain the idea that what we know, what we believe, what we hold near and dear to our humanness is the ONLY way to  live  … is … to put it very lightly… FUCKING BULL SHIT!

To be eternally right in our own minds or to promote change, acceptance and respect of all people …. IS A CHOICE!

But then again …. I could be wrong!

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