IDEAS! Do They Create Money or Moans?

Have you ever experienced a sudden brain eruption, a light bulb above the head illumination, an all enlightening, all empowering,  a random unexpected zap of thought that just overpowers you? That overpowering explosion is the moment in which you have given birth to an IDEA!

And you say to yourself “Self, if I could market that I could make a fortune”. You ponder the idea. You think about the possibilities. You dream of success, fame and fortune and then descend back into the real world, knowing that there is no way that you could develop, market, produce and sell your mind-blowing combination “Solar Powered Vacuum Cleaner, Humidifier, Hair Dryer”. But it remains always and forever in the back of your mind. The thought of  just how neat your idea was and how useful your idea would be and how everyone would want and really really need the product of your brilliant idea.

Then one night while suffering from insomnia, watching late night TV, it happens. A commercial comes onn. And behold, before your eyes you see – Ramco selling their newest product. “The Combination Solar Powered Vacuum Cleaner, Humidifier, Hair Dryer” and for only $19.95! Not only that, if you call and order in the next  10 minutes,  they will throw in, at no extra charge, a set of attachments that can fluff your rug, curl your hair and dispense room deodorizer via the humidifier’s mist.

BUT WAIT — At no extra charge – A battery-powered high intensity flash light that can be used to power this product by shining its light on the units solar panel. Great for those who work days and need to use this product at night.

And as you watch you see the “Number Sold” Counter counting up and up and up. And when it hits 10,000 you casually pick up your remote control and with the action of a Major League Pitcher, launch it through your brand new 52″ 3D Flat Screen TV Screen.

Two things happen at that moment :

First: You wonder just how much money the inventor of the WII controller arm strap is making to prevent what you just did from happening.


Second : Your Brain lights up with a new idea. A NERF REMOTE CONTROL!

And once again you return to reality, knowing that this will never happen, and even if it does, you will probably not be able to watch it your 52″ 3D Flat Screen TV for a long time to come.

We’ve all experienced this, most likely in a lesser degree, with what we believe would have been a better idea than what was just mentioned. And we have all seen our idea being marketed somewhere and wish it would have been us that was successful and rich.

And with a moan and an under the breath mumble  of “OH WELL”  we put our proverbial tail between our legs and return to our humdrum life. But only until the next BIG BRAIN EXPLOSION of a NEW IDEA.

So how is it that your idea gets marketed, produced, financed, sold, and the person who did it is now rich and famous. The, sort of, well-known motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, know as Tony Robbins, says the difference between those who have ideas and make them happen and those that don’t is “ACTION”. If you don’t take “ACTION” on your ideas than nothing will ever happen.

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this. And that is, just how does one go about presenting an idea to someone or some organization to convince them that your idea is SO AWESOME, that they should invest in it? And just who are these people who have enough money to invest in some of the world’s worst crappiest ideas ever known and make them work? And who is it that has the money to finance some of the most expensive, most extravagant  ideas ever,  that if they failed it would cause the stock market to crash?

I cite two examples, and leave you to ponder the answer of those ideas that lie somewhere between and somewhere on either  side of the following:

Movie Industry

Let’s say you have an idea for a movie. You write a screen play (whatever that is) and you take it to someone who produces movies and try and sell it as a movie that they will be interested enough in to provide the funds needed.

And here’s what you have come up with:

#1 – Genre: Science Fiction/Horror:

“After a wave of reports of mysterious attacks involving people and pets being eaten by the traditionally docile fruit, a special government task force is set up to investigate the violent veggies and put a stop to their murderous spree. Included in this crack team are a lieutenant who never goes anywhere without his parachute, an underwater expert who’s never out of his scuba gear, and a master of disguise who conceals his appearance by dressing as a black Adolf Hitler.”

And it will be called “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.

Cruise Ship Industry

#2 – Cruise Line Start Up

Proposal to financial investor on the start-up of a Cruise line:

Need financing to build that largest Cruise ship in the world. It will have 16 passenger decks, and be able to accommodate 5,400 passengers, and 2,165 crew members. 1,187 ft long and weigh 225,282 Tons.

We’ll put it on the east coast and make 3, 4, 5, and 7 day cruises year round. Every 3,4,5 or 7 days we will off load the 5,400 passengers and take on another 5, 4000 passengers. On an average of 5,400 new passengers each week we will have annually, for this first cruise ship in our fleet – 280,800 paying passengers.

Well entice them with free food, free drinks, Broadway type shows, swimming pools, a amidships mall, Water slides, night clubs, casinos, and more. We will take them to Caribbean ports. Pure luxury and Fun.

What we need to start this cruise line is start-up financing for our fist ship of $1.4 Billion Dollars for the construction of the ship. Then we will need enough funding to supply the following per week for the first year:

234,000 appetizers (6 appetizers per day per person);
105,000 meals
300,680 desserts (7.5 desserts per day per person)
20,000 pounds (9,100 kg) of beef,
69,000 steaks (1.7 steaks per day per person)
12,000 pounds (5,400 kg) of chicken
4,000 pounds (1,800 kg) of seafood; 2,500 pounds (1,100 kg) of salmon
1,400 pounds (640 kg) of lobster
65,000 pounds (29,000 kg) of fresh vegetables
35,000 pounds (16,000 kg) of fresh fruits (2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) of fruit and veg per day per person)
5,800 pounds (2,600 kg) of cheese
28,000 fresh eggs
18,000 slices of pizza
8,000 US gallons (30,000 l; 6,700 imp gal) of ice cream
1,500 pounds (680 kg) of coffee
1,500 US gallons (5,700 l; 1,200 imp gal) of milk
11,500 cans of soda;
109,200 bottles and cans of beer
2,900 bottles of wine

And upfront funding to pay our 2,167 crew members for the first year until we have enough revenue to self sustain are operation, along with marketing cost and sales and support personnel.

So What do you Say Mr Banker DUDE?

(NOTE: The information on cost of ship construction and supplies needed are the actual amounts of the New Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas which made its first Cruise from a Florida Port in Feb 2011)

What would you say if you were the Banker being approached with these propositions. I Know I would probably reply with something more profane than “Our you out of your mind?”

Be yet things more bizarre than theAttack of the Killer Tomatoes and more grandiose that a Cruise Ship do find the money, do succeed and do make someone a bunch of money. However, there are more failures than success in these ventures. It’s a risk. The difference between those who fail, try again, fail, try again,  but eventually succeed and those that succeed on the first try is:

They didn’t sit in front of the TV and watch their ideas be successful on the Home Shopping Channel.

They DID Something.

So how do you make money and avoid the moaning? I don’t have any profound answer other than – DO SOMETHING!

If I did, someone would be paying me for writing this stuff.

But, I am writing!

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