Psychics – Your Past, Present or the Futures Market

I just read an article in the March 25, 2011 Hawaii Reporter that Psychic Sylvia Brown Suffered a heart attack after one of her public appearances in Hawaii and was hospitalized. The article, after giving the details, stated that updates on her condition were available via her websites.

First thought that came to mind the was the running joke about all psychics – “She should have known that was going to happen”.

I went to her website to see if there were any updates on her condition. I read the area that contain information about her situation and clicked on the “CLICK HERE” link for updates. And the results totally pissed me off.

I will tell you in a moment why.

I am a bit more critical of those who claim to be psychics than any other area of the paranormal field of study or profession.

There are three well-known, popular psychics, who have had a lot of exposure in the media over the last decade. John Edwards, James Van Praagh (producer and adviser to the CBS Series Ghost Whisper) and Sylvia Brown.

There are also a lot of people who could be considered psychics that go by another professional title of Mentalist, like the “Amazing Kreskin” and leading  character in the “Mentalist”. Although they may or may not be psychic, they tend to lean more to the manipulation of human behavior.

These people in the “Psychic” profession, from the ones that we could consider the “real deal” to the “fakest of fakes” have all been considered to be, by one or more of us at one time or another, to be nothing more that manipulators. Few have been given the highest of respect as being the real deal. And I suggest that even those of us who have dubbed some the real deal, are still left with a bit of doubt.

You and I  have some psychic ability. And we have seen Psychologists, Spiritualists, Psychics, Counselors and the like talk on that subject more than once. At least one in each group has hit the nail on the head (at least for me). And what was stated, as it relates to our inherent psychic ability is that everyone has a psychic ability called intuition. And it seems to be more prevalent in women, which is where we get the term “women’s intuition”.

Depending upon our psychological make up, some of us have more psychic sensitivity than others. The ability to tell the future, based on what we know, what we feel, how we interpret  situations, how we relate to people and the talent we are born with (or for those scientific jargon aware people) how we are wired.

And to prove it, here is one of my predictions for the future that is 100% accurate


Here goes!


Great Huh? You can never ever disprove that. Why, because tomorrow is in the future, and if the world came to an end before tomorrow, you would not be able to tell anyone I was wrong! And when tomorrow arrives, the statement still holds true — because today’s tomorrow will then be today and tomorrow becomes a prediction for the future again.

Now there are psychics and there are Prophets. The Big difference here, is in accordance with Biblical definitions of a Prophets, the margin of error for a True Prophet is ZERO. Make one itsy bitsy error and you are no longer a member of the club.

Prophets were the ones in Biblical times who predicted future events of gloom and doom. But to be considered a prophet you had to not only get it right, you had to have the exact date and time and names etc. Prophets had to be exact. Unlike today’s Christian movement where a prophet is considered to be the one who entices others to come to Christ by the preaching hell, fire and brimstone sermons which comes to – if you don’t come to Christ you will burn in hell (also know a fear tactic), and the Evangelist, who entices you come to Christ because of the GOOD NEWS that you are all Saved by the Crucifixion  of Jesus. Kind of like the popular group of American Idol. Prophet is Simon Cowell, an Evangelist would be Ellen DeGeneres, and your ability to decide who to believe would be confused by Randy Jackson. And in the end we must make a decision about who we believe and what we must do  to pass on to the next level.

Psychics do basically the same. Feeding you information about the future, and about your past. Yet there are false psychics, just as there are false prophets. And they use all the inherent talents they have to manipulate and tell you everything you want to hear based on what information they can extract from you. And many things they say will be correct. But not psychically  obtained, but through practiced manipulation.

True psychic ability, True Manipulation, True Intuition, or a mix and match of all. What is real and what is not?

What is the calling of a psychic and what is the motivation of a true manipulator?

For me, it would seem that the true calling of a true manipulator is Fame and Fortune, and it would seem to me a Real Deal Psychic would have a calling to explain to people certain things and to give a message to those that needed to hear it. Just like a true Prophet and a True Evangelist.

Of most self claimed psychics I have heard speak, I always have a doubt. Just as I have a doubt when watching the prophetic claims of an infomercial that claims that I just can’t live without the extreme benefits of a juicer with all attachments and recipes included that guarantees a long and healthy life. However, Jack La Lane died anyway, so thus my doubt.

If I thought you needed to know that “TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY”, I would have to assume that it’s important and I would tell the world at no extra charge.

And that brings me to the problem with Sylvia and others. Sylvia is probably one of the psychics that I take a bit more as the real deal than others. Again, there is no psychic that I can say or feel beyond a shadow of a doubt is the Real Deal. And although Nostradamus is not considered a psychic, but some sort of prophet, his life story shows that he went off track during his life and may have predicted things for personal profit. That profit was, keeping his own ass alive.

I won’t got into detail about why I feel the way I do about Sylvia or why she is on the top of my list as perhaps really real, but I will say that it has to do with the number of exact quotes she has made about some things during interviews, that validate what I and my wife had discussed about dreams or incidents that we considered possible contacts by those who have passed. These quotes have never been told to anyone and were made from a day to a week before Sylvia mentioned them. And there is no way Sylvia could have know what we said (unless she’s psychic and was listening in and stole our material). Yet her quotes from her experiences were word for word of those my wife and I had discussed.

Now here’s my problem. The act of abnormally profiting from ones psychic gift.

After listening to Sylvia on TV shows, I checked out her website. All look good and I liked what she was saying and it all made good sense.


The part that cast a major shadow over her sincerity and my belief in her being a Real Deal or a Scam. And It goes like this (Dollar amounts are true as of this writing):

“If you would like a reading from Sylvia, you can get an over the phone reading (MAXIMUM TIME 30 MINUTES) for only $850 – by appointment. No need to say anything, she will just hear your voice, ask you a few questions and will give you a reading. This may last for an average of 20 minutes, but no longer that 30 minutes. Price is the same.”

“BUT WAIT! – As a Gratuity, you will receive a free copy of a taped version of the session.”

“And if you can’t afford the $850, you can get the same thing from here son for only $500.”

With this information a big light lighted with “WTF” in big bold letters centered in the middle.

And then today, looking up her condition about her Heart Attack in Hawaii, I clicked on the FOR UPDATES “Click Here” link and was sent to:


which contained no condition update. It was a form asking for financial donations.

And all I can say now is that, because I am human, I hope she recovers soon from her aliment!

But I see in her future a great loss of credibility from a least one person. And I can give her my reading on the subject over the phone at no charge for as long she wishes.

And I see in the future that this will probably not happen. But who knows? It might! It all depends on whether her psychic abilities reveals to her my phone number.

I know that what I am seeing on her web site…that I am getting close to “HAVING HER NUMBER!”

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