Steve’s Place is just that. I’m Steve and this is the place where I post my rambling textual comments relating to just about anything that comes to mind to my mind.

As a guy who spent the first 18 years of his life in a small farm town in Nebraska, where city’s like New York, Los Angles, Huston, Miami and Washington DC were places that existed on the other side of a glass TV Screen. The mere thought of ever visiting these places were not even considered in my youth. Although that idea was never planted in my mind by anyone else, it just did not occur to me then as an option.  But, fate has its way of intervening. And on Nov 11, 1974 it all changed, as I found myself with my hand raised and taking an oath in a Navy Induction Center In Omaha Nebraska.

Over the last 57 years, I have experienced a lot of things. I have been many places and done many things. I have experienced great joy and great sadness; euphoria and depression; awe and disgust; trust and betrayal; love and hate; acceptance and rejection; and success and failure.

I have been on the bottom looking up, and at the top and looking down. I have seen the beginning of a life and I have seen the end of a life.

I have visited foreign country’s; observed different cultures;  and met all kinds of people.

I also have experienced what it is to be disliked, rejected, blamed, bullied, and ridiculed. And yes, I  have done the same to others.

And I have experienced what it is to be loved, honored, respected, and what if felt like to be a valuable part of someone’s life!

But what I have done and learned from this small list of my life’s experiences is, that I like you am a human being. Not immune from anything in life. And I have come to the conclusion that the purpose of our lives, or at least mine,  is to love and learn in preparation for what is to come.  And although I can not say for certain, what or if there is anything beyond this life any more than I can say for certainty what going to happen when I click on the “PUBLISH” button after writing this, learning everything we can about as many things we can and accepting all mankind as equal partners in this world is not a really bad choice.

I do not profess to know everything. I do however profess no know something about almost everything, but I know everything about nothing.  And if you choose to read what I write, you will see one area of that I am still learning about. And that is spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  These may identified, by some, as errors. But hear me now, they are not errors. What you see and read is to be considered – “CREATIVE WRITING”!

And, as the saying goes, they only thing constant is change. And  in every part of my being, the thoughts, ideas, ramblings, preachings, humor, commentary, rants, raves, and any other thing I end up posting on this blog, is open for discussion. Because being open to discussion has caused me to change my views on many things. On the other hand discussion has reinforced my opinions and/or beliefs.

So ready or not —- HERE I GO!

Thanks for your interest!

As Larry the Cable Guy Says  lets – “GET ‘ER DONE!

Stephen H Worden


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